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Bowman Global Change – Bowman Global Change has been established to help organizations make sustainable transformations.

Our clients include businesses, trade associations, cultural institutions, science organizations, government and non-governmental agencies, and media producers who are looking for ways to translate their commitments into actions that work.

We help these organizations create sustainable business plans, train their teams, conduct stakeholder education and outreach, improve science and policy communication, and sponsor innovative research initiatives.

Our work is based on a unique combination of sound business strategies, marketing and education skills, and solid science.

Take reliable, cost-effective steps to improve Green performance.

Create a well-organized Green Business Plan that responds to real environmental and market conditions and fits your company’s unique needs.

  • Discover what is driving the Green Business movement
  • Set environmental performance goals
  • Learn to measure key baselines
  • Learn where to find financial incentives
  • Identify cost-saving, near-term actions
  • Outline a step-by-step multi-year action plan
  • Learn how to build momentum within your company
  • Learn effective approaches to Green marketing

The Workshop Experience. Give us one day: through a series of presentations, discussions, and exercises, you and your team will learn how to organize your Green commitments into a coherent Green Business Plan.

Choose green actions that help you save money.

Many of us have difficulty figuring out how to “go green.” Which actions are most beneficial? Which choices reduce costs? Can rock-solid results be verified?

Footprints™ answers these questions with end-to-end measurement and recommendations that help managers make cost-effective improvements.

Developed for the exhibition industry, Footprints™ are customized, end-to-end assessments of corporate exhibit and events programs using best-in-class scientific sources. By assessing exhibits, transportation, travel, and more, the reports help exhibitors discover effective, cost-cutting opportunities to improve sustainability.

Footprints™ reports provide real, verified answers to the question “How should my company ‘go green?'” Sign up to learn more.

Translate your commitment into actions that work.

Rapid changes in the marketplace, regulatory environment, and environmental sciences make “going Green” confusing. Few companies have the in-house expertise to assess how changing conditions might affect their long-term performance and brand positions.

Our approach provides stability by employing well-established fundamentals of science, business, and marketing communications to improve performance. We keep abreast of the issues and help our clients respond to significant changes.

In-depth consulting relationships allow us to go deeper into organizational processes to find and unlock efficiencies. While helping management articulate a clear Green mission to their stakeholders, we also help Green Teams find efficient ways to implement practical, measurable steps.

As always, we bring the necessary technical, professional, and creative expertise to each challenge to help our clients meet their performance objectives and improve their reputations.

Inform stakeholders about issues that affect their lives.

Scientists can’t make policy; they can only provide sound science as an input to wise policy.”
–Dr. Richard Somerville, San Diego Union Tribune. February 14th, 2007

Scientists want everyone—policymakers, business leaders, news editors, entertainers, and the public—to make wise choices about climate change. We help them by explaining real science in clear, simple, and engaging ways.

There is no escaping the fact that people simplify; it’s human nature. Our approach is to help people simplify more effectively. By illuminating the most important ideas and engineering key insights, we help non-scientists understand and employ scientific results to make better decisions.

Bowman has set new standards for effective communication through work with scientists from the National Academy of Sciences, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the Aquarium of the Pacific, NOAA, and the electric utility industry. Through these collaborations, we have delivered authentic results, without bias, in ways that everyone can understand and use.

Get the science and cultural nuances right.

When it affects a story, entertainment producers take pains to get the science right. Climate change, its causes, and impacts are beginning to find their way into entertainment programming. The potential influence on public attitudes is big, so it is important to tell climate stories well.

We offer a unique kind of resource to help you do just that. We are well versed in climate science and public attitudes, and experienced with the creative process. For many years, we have told cultural and scientific stories to business decision-makers and public audiences through video programs and interactive media. We know the science, the politics, and where people stand on the issues. And we know how to work with creative teams.

We can inform. We can also inspire. Together, we can get the message right.

Climate Scientists Embrace Marketing Science In Effort To Save The Planet
A group of leading scientists and academic researchers and educators met late last week with representatives of Madison Avenue to see if they could learn something about the science of media and marketing that might help with what they said is their most important experiment.

Tom Bowman and his colleagues have created and published a variety of information resources for business leaders and Green Teams, cultural institutions, policymakers, and the public.

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